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With over a decade of experience, Karin M. Wood is experienced enough to handle even the most complex litigation, but small enough to deliver the individual attention her client’s deserve.

It is imperative that you be made aware of your legal rights and I will work to get the best outcome possible for you.  My focus is to help you reach a quick and financially beneficial solution to your legal matter. – Karin M. Wood


Currently involved in personal injury, workers’ compensation, wills, real estate, family law, criminal law and landlord/tenant law.

Hiring a lawyer can be stressful. However, hiring our firm will minimize that stress, making clients’ experience pleasant, affordable and effective.

Areas of Practice

Wills and Estates

Our firm provides guidance in every aspect of estate planning to individuals living in the Salem County, New Jersey area. We recognize that providing a secure future for yourself and your loved ones is your primary objective, and are experienced in the creation of wills, trusts and other planning documents.  We can also assist you with the creation of various financial and healthcare directives including living wills, and both medical and general powers of attorney.  In addition, we can assist you in setting up guardianships or appointing guardians in case of future health and safety issues. 

Criminal Defense

No one should appear in municipal court without having an experienced attorney at their side. As both a Municipal Prosecutor and Municipal Public Defender, Ms. Wood is an expert in handling your criminal matter, whether it be in Superior Court or the local municipal court.

  • Driving with Suspended/Revoked Driving Privileges
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Speeding
  • Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Assault
  • Shoplifting
  • Domestic Violence
  • Disorderly Persons Offense
  • Megan’s Law

Real Estate

Are you buying or selling a home? Facing a foreclosure? Looking to rent property? Entering into a commercial lease? Contact us today. Real estate transactions are one of the most significant financial undertakings which may occur in your lifetime. Don’t go into any real estate matter without the expert counsel and advice from an experienced real estate attorney.

Landlord / Tenant

Experienced Handling Of Landlord-Tenant Issues in South Jersey

At the law office of Karin Wood in Pennsville, New Jersey our attorneys represent landlords of condominiums, apartments and other rental properties for legal disputes in tenants, such as:

  • Eviction
  • Early lease termination
  • Judgment for possession
  • Rent increases and nonpayment of rent
  • Warrant for removal
  • Willful destruction of the premises

Our firm has been serving the area for more than a decade. We are skilled ni handling landlord-tenant disagreements, resolving them either through skillful negotiation or in court.

Practical Legal Advice For Landlords

Reach us by phone at 856-376-3841 or stay online to send a message by email.

Municipal Court

Those charged with motor vehicle violations or disorderly persons offenses often underestimate the consequences of the charges. No one should appear in any court, even a Municipal Court, without being counseled by an experienced attorney as to the all of the possible outcomes. Attorney Wood has appeared on behalf of countless defendants in municipal courts in Salem County and other local areas and will provide you with the most vigorous defense possible.

Personal Injury

Were you or a loved one injured in an accident that was caused by no fault of your own?  If so, it may benefit you to contact a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey because you might be entitled to compensation. With considerable experience handling injury cases and a track record of success, Ms. Wood can provide the strong legal counsel needed to move forward after an injury.

A personal injury is a physical harm suffered as a result of the careless, negligent or intentional behavior of a person or company.  I fight for people who have been hurt in a car accident, injured on the job, slipped and fell on someone else’s property, or were harmed after using a consumer product that was dangerous or defective in some way.

No matter what type of accident you were involved in or how serious the resulting injuries were, you do not have to lose hope.  Karin M. Wood and her team have the skills, resources and determination needed to take on even the most complex cases.  For more information, call 856-376-3841.

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Slip & Fall Accidents
  • Head and Brain Injury
  • Dog Bite

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Karin M. Wood can represent your business in a variety of legal matters including: determining what type of legal entity best suits your business type and goals, preparing contracts, zoning and other municipal law disputes, and litigation with clients, employees, business colleagues and competitors.  Whether your business is large or small, well established or just getting off the ground, she can handle all of your business needs.

My goal is to provide clients with cost-effective services to help ensure the success of my client’s business.  I can help business owners in drafting clear, thorough and precise commercial documents, including terms and conditions of sale, marketing and distribution agreements, employee contracts, licensing contracts and any other legal documents that your business may need.  Your success in business is my ultimate goal.

Family Law

Attorney Wood understands that resolving family issues is often a stressful, emotionally charged process.  She uses more than a decade of experience in family law to resolve all types of family disputes, including: adoption, divorce, guardianship of minors, the custody, support and visitation of children, spousal support, and the division of martial property and assets.  During this difficult and tense time, it is important for you to have a qualified, experienced attorney protecting your rights.  Karin M. Wood represents individuals throughout Salem County, New Jersey in all family law matters.

If you are going through a divorce, adoption proceedings, or other family law dispute, let me help you reach a favorable resolution.

Workers Compensation

Injured in a work-related accident? Suffer from a work-related illness? Ms. Wood is one of the few attorneys in Salem County who specialize in worker compensation claims. She has successfully represented hundreds of local workers injured on the job. She will fight to get you the compensation you deserve!!


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